For greater performance



Air humidity in the comfort zone 40-60 %

That's why we can perform better


A relative humidity within our comfort zone of 40-60 % increases our general well-being and actively contributes to the protection of our health.
People who feel good and enjoy good health are demonstrably more concentrated, awake and motivated. Our performance improves with the increase of exactly these three factors. At a young age it is easier for us to learn and understand new things. In the further course of our lives, we benefit from the increased performance until old age.


Did you know that...

... a study on productivity in office buildings found a clear correlation between the perception of dry air and reduced productivity?

Source: Wiik., 2011

Icon Gehirn

Improved concentration

Icon Fahrrad

Rare symptoms of fatigue

Icon Herz

Increased motivation 

The optimum air humidity 40-60 %

Effects on the most important factors in our lives.



Comfort zone 40-60 %

The optimal air humidity for our areas of life.


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